Cowboys Rn't Us!! can help you.
We can be your tame professional available by phone, eMail or even in person

You won't be baffled with science or technobabble, you won't get trapped into a solution that can't grow as your expectations and needs expand, you will be able to build 'active' sites rather than static ones with the help of our 'plug ins'.
Click on the banner at the top of the page to get an idea of some of the banner applets available to you.

For those who are in the know CGI, PHP5, mySQL, PERL etc. are all available as well as a great selection of PHP scripts, Java applets and javascript resources to help bring your site alive.

Why should you choose w3me for your Hosting Partner?

We are totally UK based, serving UK customers only.

Our servers are in London and have an up time of better than 99.9%.

Being UK based means your users don't have to wait for their pages to travel across the 'pond' before they get them, it also makes us much more accountable to our users.

We want you to get the best possible results from your web site and recommend us to others so it is in our interest to ensure reliability and performance.

You can expect exceptional support from our North Lincolnshire base. No matter what your issue we can be there to help you.

If you would just like some hand-holding as a newcomer to web hosting, or you need a Web Site designing for you. We are happy to tailor a support package that will meet your needs, and don't worry! Top quality support and training does not have to be expensive. We want you to succeed!